Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink - Stephanie Kate Strohm Good premise, and if I were 15 I'm sure I'd have loved it and wanted to be Libby, if for her experience, not her personality. This is an example, though,of a book that may not fare well outside the YA community. It's a bit too slick and glossy, without a whole lot of depth. The suspense plot was weak, and Libby's characterization was inconsistent. Then there was the reader-shaming that occurred more than once. Oddly enough, for a book that mocks romance as "lady porn," it's tagged as "romance" in the publisher's catalog. You can't have it both ways. Overall, it was a quick easy read, and I enjoyed parts of the novel, but as a whole I found it lacking. Oh, and the reference to Thomas Jefferson as a sassy redhead squicked me out.