A Fool Again - Eloisa James Eloisa James originally published A Fool Again as part of an anthology a few years ago, but it is worth the download and reread. Lady Genevieve Mulcaster is not at all upset at the death of her elderly husband…until she finds that his will leaves her virtually penniless unless she remarries. Faced with an uncertain future, the feisty Genevieve is determined to take control of her own destiny by pursuing one of her husband's former partners.

One of the things I like best about James is that her stories’ resolutions are often so unexpected. The plot twists of A Fool Again were unexpected (at least to me), but wonderfully so. Genevieve is an independent, refreshing, and totally charming heroine – this is one girl who deserves a happy ending. The chemistry between the two main characters was real and apparent, and all the characters were well developed considering how short the story was. Fans of James will appreciate this mini-treat, and it's a terrific introduction for those who've never read her books before.