Love at First Flight - Marie Force OK, I was really liking this book until I got 90% of the way through it (wish I could tell you the page, but I read it on my Kindle). At that point, one of the characters did something so monumentally stupid (and out of character, I felt), that I almost didn't finish the book. Seriously, I put it down and walked out of the room because I was so angry. I went back and finished it eventually, but I am still ticked off about it.

Without that plot twist, I would have really liked this book. I read it in one sitting (almost) and thought the characters were great, the chemistry was sizzling, and the plot was suspenseful and original. It was like an episode of 'Law & Order' with a heavy dose of romance. I'll definitely read more Marie Force, but if I ever see her in person, we're going to have a long conversation about why she chose to put that twist in.