My One and Only - Kristan Higgins I’ve enjoyed each of Kristan Higgins’ six books, but she really hit it out of the park with her My One and Only (and that reference is fitting since her heroines are always big baseball fans). Higgins’ books all have some pretty common themes – they take place in New England, they feature romance and family drama, and there’s always a really cute dog. With My One and Only, Higgins includes all those and gives us a terrific second-chance love story about a couple who got it wrong the first time around.

Harper James is a Martha’s Vineyard divorce attorney who’s a bit too good at her job. Over the years her cynicism about love has grown to the point that, as one character tells her, “Every time you smile, an angel dies.” Her emotional barriers stem partially from her ill-fated, one-year marriage to architect Nick Lowery when both were barely out of school. Flash forward ten years – Harper and Nick are forced to get reacquainted on a cross-country journey, a plot device that Higgins actually manages to make believable.

The division between Harper and Nick is frustrating – you can tell they’re meant to be together but they have a lot of very realistic problems to overcome. It takes a while to get to the resolution, but Higgins makes the journey worthwhile with snappy dialogue and great pop culture references.

I think Harper and Nick’s relationship is more fully developed than any of Higgins’ other couples and I was glad to see both of them show some emotional maturity – they both had some growing up to do. A definite good read – published Tuesday, March 29.